The Dialogic City

Berlin, 2015
Sandra Bartoli, Jochen Becker, Anna Bogner, Arno Brandlhuber, Robert Burghardt, Diedrich Diederichsen, Werner Durth, Tashy Endres, Thomas Flierl, Eugenia Freund, Julian Funk, Mariam Gegidze, Jakob Grelck, Ulrich Gutmair, Volker Hassemer, Florian Heilmeyer, Florian Hertweck, Matthias Hoffmann, Andrej Holm, Tobias Hoenig, Maria Hudl, Leon Krier, Rob Krier, Nikolaus Kuhnert, Kai Kummert, Fee Kyriakopoulos, Stephan Lanz, Maja Lesnik, Silvan Linden, Niklas Maak, Thomas Mayfried, Sarah Michels, Michael Moenninger, Cornelia Mueller, Imke Mumm, Anh-Linh Ngo, Philipp Oswalt, Dennis Pohl, Christian Posthofen, Tim Renner, Manfred Rettig, Kathrin Schoemer, Christian Schoeningh, Franz Schulz, Thomas Sieverts, Matthias Spielvogel, Daniel Spruth, Tom Steinhoefer, Hans Stimmann, Markus Streber, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Nikolaus Ziegert; Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koenig

This extensive reader is structured by contrasting pairs of words that the authors use in order to deal with especially dialogic or non-dialogic moments based on arguments from the history of Berlin: Centers/Middle, City/Nature, Fiction/Reality, Image of the Other/Inherent Logic, Community/Individuality, Participation/Governance and Ground/Property. Detailled observations and interviews with Berlin actors are grouped around these conceptual pairs.